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Trap House Podcast

Nov 15, 2019

Terry shares his past as a fur buyer and we also discuss the recent fall of the North American Fur Auction.



Oct 31, 2019

Hanging out with Charlie Masheck while my traps are in the dye pot.  Last minute prep before season kicks off for us here in Indiana.



Oct 17, 2019

Great discussion with Gary Groenewold of Groenewold Fur & Wool Company and Mike Mazur (long time Iowa fur Buyer/handler) about the future of the fur industry.




Oct 4, 2019

Talking trapping with our buddy Ed Schneider of Kansas Trapline Products at the NTA.



Sep 19, 2019

Andy Weiser of Montana joins on this episode.  We had time to sneak away from our booths at the NTA Convention in MO to talk trapping.